Change in Schedule

Hello, amazing readers!

I’m still working like crazy on Book TWO and plan to release the title and front cover very soon!!!

Due to book two not being released yet, the signing at Karen’s Book Barn that was scheduled for this Saturday, March 25th has been moved to May 20th. Please ALWAYS check my schedule to ensure nothing has changed before attending events.

I’m backing off of social media and won’t be posting a ton until after the book is finished. I’ll see you soon. Can’t wait to celebrate and introduce you to all that is coming with the second book in this series!!!

Lots of love!

Lacy Marie

Update on Book Two!

Update on Book Two:

I honestly can’t wait for you to have this book in your hands. So many new characters, new adventures, and new depth are all waiting for you!!!

I have cover designs coming in – THEY WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!!

And I’m in my final writing process before my wonderful editor takes over.

With that said, I’m not officially posting a release date just yet. The goal has been a March release, but at this point I can’t promise that is going to happen. It could, but it could also be April.

Here’s why:

Most importantly, I want to give you the BEST of me in this book. I refuse to rush something so important and not do it justice. It’s not fair to the series, and it’s not fair to YOU! Trust me, you’re going to love it being the best it can be!

Secondly, book two has SO much more going on; it requires a lot of attention to character and setting details. This is the funnest but also the hardest thing I’ve ever written.

Lastly, when I walked away from my master’s level psychiatric position/career this past December, I did so in order to prioritize my life in the way I felt I needed to. That means before anything else, I am a wife and mom. I have three little girls who have dealt with all the yucky sickness that has come through this season, and some days I’ve had to just put down the writing and snuggle! And I don’t apologize for that!

With that said, I have an incredible story coming to you and am working on some incredible things with the release! The FB live will still be happening once I have a better idea of an official date!

I’ll keep you all posted!!! Get excited (especially for the cover art!!!), and thank you for the support and patience as I work hard to give you something that’s worthy of your reading time!!!


***a few updates were made to the events calendar!

Lots of love!
Lacy Marie

The Last Original 20!

Hello, my favorite readers!!!

This Saturday, February 4th, I’ll be returning to Karen’s Book Barn in La Grange, KY for a signing from 11am-4pm. I’ll have cookies!

BIG NEWS!!! Several updates have been made to The Girl Who Once Thrived while preparing for the upcoming release of book TWO! This means you have one last chance to get in on an original! I have 20 copies left and will be taking these to Karen’s Book Barn this Saturday. First come, first served! If this series ends up being famous, you won’t regret having an original, ha!

Pictures are posted below from my Half Price Books signing from earlier in January! I wasn’t able to get pictures of everyone because it was SO busy! This two hour signing turned into an almost eight hour signing! It was an absolute blast, and I adore the staff and management. Thrilled to have so many new readers! And I even had my 7th grade math teacher and his beautiful family surprise me!



Keep me in your prayers as I’m finishing up BOOK TWO for In The Depths of Hesed!!!

Lots of love to you all!

Lacy Marie



New Menu Options!


I’ve added new menu options just for YOU!!!

First, I’ve made some huge updates to the contest. Due to not wanting to risk any legal issues with naming something in my book after a real place, I’ve changed the rules and the reward! But you won’t be disappointed. In fact, now the contest is for high school AND middle school students!!!

I’ve added the Events tab so you will all know where I will be signing books!

I’ve also added the Resources tab. Because of my background in the mental health field, and because of my heart for reaching people who are struggling and don’t know where to turn, this page will be updated regularly with resources for all mental health needs. I will also have good options for integrated programs for those who prefer faith-based services. If you need help in an area not mentioned on the page, you can message me through this website to ask for guidance! My goal is to eventually have resources for all US states.

Lastly, the new Sentiments tab will be used for encouraging thoughts on everyday topics. There will be guest posts found here. If you are someone who has experience in a certain area (physical, emotional, spiritual health) and would like to be featured, please let me know and we can discuss that possibility. This is not an area for debate. It is for encouragement. The plan is to post a new sentiments page bi-weekly, and if possible, weekly. Make sure you subscribe to this website if you’d like to follow.

Lots of love to you all!

Lacy Marie

Such Excitement!

Hello, my wonderful readers!!!

I have lots to update you on. I took some time off from my site during the Thanksgiving season to spend time with my family, but I’m so excited to share several things with you!

First, this past weekend was a blast! I had book signings at Campbellsville University and Karen’s Book Barn, and let me just say, these two events were fantastic!

I spent Friday evening at Campbellsville University. It has a beautiful campus and great leadership. Thank you , T.J., for supporting me and The Girl Who Once Thrived during this event!

On Saturday, I had the privilege to take part in Light Up La Grange. I absolutely fell in love with downtown La Grange! It is the sweetest little town, and they know how to celebrate the Christmas season! I was also blessed to be in the presence of seven other established authors. I’m grateful to learn from these incredible people. Thank you, Tony, Frank, and Lynn, for your continued support toward me and The Girl Who Once Thrived. I cherish the relationship I now have with Karen’s Book Barn!

Okay, so I have some HUGE news for my readers! As most of you know I am a psychiatric clinician, and for the last seven years I’ve worked in the mental health field. I have loved the experience I’ve gained, as well as helping patients conquer some tough things in life. BUT – it is officially time for me to pour all of that experience into writing. So I am thrilled to inform you that December is my last month working in the mental health field, and I’m entering a new journey, a new season, where I will be able to spend more time with my family and WRITE!

I’ve been very clear from the beginning, my goal in writing is to impact lives, to give my readers something with depth and purpose. So get ready for book two of In the Depths of Hesed, because I am pouring my heart out on the pages for YOU!

Lastly, I’ve noticed an increase this year when it comes to people reaching out for guidance due to me being a therapist. So I’m thinking that since I will no longer be working in the mental health field, and since I’m taking on the title of AUTHOR, I’m going to start blogging more to provide resources for my readers and their families! What does this mean? I honestly have no idea, HAHA! This is not an attempt to have a huge blog following or to make money off of blogging. I’m simply saying that because of being limited on time as a mom of three little ones, I’d love to have a resource and encouragement piece to my website so you can read and search for what you need at your convenience! I’d love input, so comment or message me here if you have ideas of things you’d like for me to write on as a help to you and your family!

Below are lots of pictures from recent events and reviews posted on amazon!

Again, thank you for supporting me and The Girl Who Once Thrived!

Lacy Marie


Imaginarium Convention!

Thank you to all the family, friends, and fans of The Girl Who Once Thrived who visited me at the Imaginarium Convention last weekend in Louisville, KY! Your support means the world to me! It was a very successful weekend, and I had the honor of meeting so many wonderful authors, including the guest of honor, Brian Keene!

Take a look at the pictures below! There was a film festival, masquerade ball, lots of classes, and book signings.

Thanks for your continued support!

Lacy Marie



Come See Me!!!

Starting today I will be at the Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY!

This will be the first of several opportunities this fall and winter for you to visit and have your book signed!

This is going to be one of the most incredible events, AND THE EXPO CENTER IS FREE!!! There will be over 130 professionals to meet – authors, publishers, filmmakers, poets, game designers, comic creators and more. Come see me at my table!!!

There will also be a film festival and masquerade ball!!!

Expo Hours for 2016 are:

Friday: 3 pm to 8 pm

Saturday: 9 am to 8pm

Sunday: 9 am to 5pm

Details at


Hope to see you there!

Lacy Marie