So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want…

We are taking it back to the 90’s and digging into our inner Spice Girls!


So tell me what you want, what you really, really want! No, really, what do YOU want? There are SO many blogs to follow in this crazy internet world, and my goal is to give you something unique and intriguing…something you wait with anticipation for! And instead of me writing for the sake of writing, I’m letting YOU decide (within limits, ha) what I will write.

Each week you will receive a new blog post from me related to comments/questions submitted by YOU (my incredible readers)!!!

I receive a lot of questions regarding mental health and plan to post often on those topics, but I’m also open to other things I love such as: homesteading, fashion, farmhouse/home decorating, date nights, family, humor, books/film, FOOD, and everyday life stuff!

The first comment/question will be chosen next week as I begin my weekly posts. (most likely on Wednesday)

Click on the Contact tab and go ahead and tell me everything you’d like to hear about! If you have friends or family members who’d like to follow along, feel free to share and ask them to subscribe so they receive a weekly e-mail.

I’m excited to begin building this community with you! To those who’ve already submitted questions and thoughts, thank you! I see them, I read them, I care about them!

Lots of love and grace for your day!

Lacy Marie

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