PLEASE SHARE!!!! I’m going out blindfolded with the roosters if we get 100 HOPE BOXES donated by midnight! (Literally, a friend is blindfolding me and instructing me on things I have to complete while being blindfolded with the evil roosters)

A HOPE BOX is a sponsorship package that the teen girls on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation receive! It’s $25 and includes a t-shirt, a bracelet, a picture with words of affirmation and encouragement, and allows them to attend the Adorned Campaign event at their school where they are poured into and loved on as they learn about mental health, depression, suicide, and self worth.


This is SO important with the mental health crisis affecting so many young people on the reservation, and it’s a proactive way to break cycles and prevent future issues.

Link below will take you straight to the Sponsorship bundle!!!

COMMENT BELOW “donated one hope box” or “donated 5 hope boxes”…however many you donate so we can keep track!

We have until midnight to reach 100 HOPE BOXES, so please, I’m humbly asking YOU to donate a HOPE BOX and sponsor a young girl for this Christmas season!

And hey, you’ll get to see me humiliate myself tomorrow if we hit the goal!!!


Lots of love!

Lacy Marie





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