Happy 2018!!!

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas season and New Year with your loved ones! We are finally getting back into our routine, and I’m anxious to share a few things with you.

Next Friday, January 26th, I’ll be speaking to the students at Spencer County High School!!! I’m thrilled to deliver their bundle of books donated during the TEEN HOPE PROJECT and share my heart and passion with them! GO BEARS!!!

I’m officially signing on with a publishing company as I’ve been asked by them to co-author an incredible story. I can’t even begin to explain how excited and intrigued I am by this project! I’ll keep you all posted…as I’m interviewing/investigating/roadtriping!!! Sorry, that’s all you get right now.

Book THREE from In The Depths Of Hesed will be coming this year! And Guys, I’ve started a new series. It’s fantasy. It’s special, and you’re going to love it! Not having the pressure of deadlines has allowed the creativity to flow like crazy! I’m loving it. I don’t write every day. I don’t force myself to reach deadlines. I simply write when there’s extra time after the priority of family, homeschooling, and work. And honestly, it’s been the best thing for me! That’s what my 2018 is going to look like. This is our year as a family to rest and do the things we love out of joy instead of obligation.

The biggest update and change has come this week as I’ve officially returned to working as a master’s level psychiatric clinician. This is a very part-time position that will keep me current in the field and also help our family with some goals as I continue to build my writing business.


You’ll see some changes coming soon to social media. All of my accounts were hacked, and I’ve still not recovered everything. The decision has been made to merge it all to one account. Going forward, this blog will include my writing journey and updates on books, mental health, our homesteading, chickens, farmhouse updates (lots of those coming soon as we are making plans to purchase land and build), dates, family, travel, and some fashion (including the wardrobe capsules you all love).

With that said, FB will probably be deactivated soon (partly because of the return to the psych position). To follow along, you’ll want to subscribe to authorlacymarie.com or follow on the Author Lacy Marie Instagram page!

Excited to journey through 2018 with you!


Lacy Marie


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