Huge Announcement!

I’m officially announcing the Teen Hope Project today!!!

I’ve set a huge goal! It might seem crazy, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes because the lives of young people are much more important than my pride! So I’m asking…actually I’m humbly begging YOU to get on board with me and let’s hit this goal!

You’ve waited patiently for the release of The Unexpected Chosen, you’ve been teased (A LOT), and you’ve seen me travel out west. It’s finally time to let you all know what I’ve been doing and why!

For the previous five years I’ve worked a position that exposed me to the mental health epidemic affecting youth today. Teens are turning to suicide, drugs, and self-harming behaviors. With some media influences romanticizing these things, I fear it’s only getting worse.

Although I write Young Adult fantasy for fun, my desire has always been to provide a healthy message that produces individual growth within the reader.

The Unexpected Chosen is a story that points people to community and hope within a fallen world. It’s raw and messy just like life can be, but it points to hope, friendship, and a future even in the midst of darkness. Our youth, our future leaders of this world need to know there’s always HOPE!

Several months ago I was introduced to the Adorned Campaign, a non-profit organization on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The organization raises mental health awareness by teaching suicide prevention and self-worth to the Lakota teens.

I visited the reservation for an entire week and, more than ever before, saw the need for hope within young people.

Native American cultures are unique and beautiful, but at times the incredible Lakota culture is overshadowed by hardships and statistics. The reality is that the teens are hurting and need to know they are loved, there is community, and there’s always hope.

I was wrecked during this trip while hearing of approximately 15 teen suicides completed in just two months, of over 100 suicide attempts by young people in that same amount of time. I heard of the letters left behind, of the families mourning, of the hopelessness. I read that the teen suicide rate on the reservation is 150% higher than the U.S. national average. The mental health crisis is very complicated due to the kids being surrounded by drugs, alcoholism, abuse, and crime.

So I decided The Unexpected Chosen would be more than just my next book; it would be a gift of hope in many ways.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me and others for the Teen Hope Project! Share this with everyone you know! Post it on your social media pages! Ask your friends and family to gift this book! Order The Unexpected Chosen for every teen you know with the understanding that YOU are also helping with saving lives through the Adorned Campaign programs! Every book or ebook purchased during the Teen Hope Project week (July 26th-August 1st) helps support these incredible programs. (pre-orders included!)



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