*These are not personal recommendations. This is simply a list of resources. You can call your insurance company or directly contact the locations below for any questions.

KENTUCKY – Louisville Area

Emergency Contacts for Abuse or Threats

Adult Protective Services/Child Protective Services  (abuse reporting) 502-595-4550

Duty to Warn Report (any homicidal threats to be reported) 502-574-7060

Mental Inquest Warrant (MIW): Go to your local courthouse to request an MIW to require psychological evaluation on an adult who presents with dangerous behaviors but refuses assessment/treatment.

Emergency Needs:

If you or someone you know is having any active suicidal or homicidal thoughts, or there are symptoms of psychosis, please contact the locations below, or you can go to the closest ER to seek help. Most ERs in the Louisville area will contact an assessment clinician from one of the below locations to come meet with you.

The below locations will also complete psychological evaluations and give a recommendation for treatment/referral.

Our Lady of Peace 502-451-3333 *Do not need insurance *24/7 walk-ins

The Brook Dupont 502-896-0495

EPS (Emergency Psychiatric Services at University of Louisville) 502-562-3120

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Access Behavioral Health 502-394-0101

Louisville Behavioral Health 502-454-8800

North Springs Counseling Center (Integrated program/faith-based) 502-384-2844       

Peace Psychiatric and Counseling 502-479-4433

Restoration House (Integrated program/faith-based) 502-500-1553

Southeast Counseling Care Center (Integrated program/faith-based) 502-253-8425

Sullivan and Associates 502-451-5121

More contacts coming soon for mental health and substance abuse outpatient services.