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peachtree Spring is here…

and that means I’ve officially switched out my wardrobe capsules and now have lighter clothing and beautiful spring tones featured in my closet!


Soooo, since so many have asked for it, I’m inviting you into my closet to get a better idea of this wardrobe capsule thing and how it’s made my life a thousand times easier!

Let’s start with the concept first. The idea is to create a collection of classic and versatile pieces that can be worn through most seasons. Wise clothing choices is the key! You will always have a few season-specific items; let’s be honest, you won’t wear a bathing suit in winter, or a wool sweater at the beach! But the majority of your pieces will remain in your closet or dresser as you switch out capsules each season.


Please remember as you read through this that I have my own personal style. That’s what makes me Lacy! I mostly dress classy, and modesty is very important to me, but there is also a bit of an edgy side that comes out at times in the dark pieces. The point? Don’t buy into the idea that just because someone in the fashion world says this is what’s ‘in’, you then have to dress that way. Stay true to who you are. More than anything, this post gives you an idea how to be wise when you shop, and assists in getting rid of the stress that comes with too much of anything! MINIMIZE!!!

As an author, I’m absolutely a rebel, ha! I don’t follow all the ‘rules’ because I don’t agree with everything. And honestly, when I don’t buy into these things, my creativity flows WAY more naturally, and so will the way you dress! Be YOU!


So here’s what my Spring/Summer Wardrobe consists of: Total of 43 pieces

3 Dresses

3 Skirts

3 Shorts (neutral colors that will go with everything)

3 Skinny jeans (light blue, dark blue, and RED! That’s a Lacy thing!)

3 Classic Tees (black, white, blush)

1 Cardigan (white)

2 Jean Jackets (light and dark blues)

10 Shirts/DressyTanks (these are my classic pieces that can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts)

2 Bathing Suits

1 Bathing Suit Cover

3 Special Occasion Dresses

6 Pairs of Shoes (brown flats, black and brown heels, white chucks, Nike t-shoes, short boots)

2 Handbags

1 Summer Hat

***Wardrobe capsules do not include PJs, workout clothing, or undergarments. However, I do find it less stressful having a few specific items for working out, as well as a few PJ sets!

MY WARDROBE for the spring/summer is a total of 43 pieces. The rule is that if I purchase a new item, I get rid of one. I typically keep it at 40 items, but come on, what’s three more!?



Your jeans will stay at all times. Those are the pieces that can be worn in every single season. Be wise when you choose shirts as well. If they are classic pieces, they can be worn during the spring and summer, and then carried over to the fall and winter by adding a cardigan, fur vest, or jean jacket! Classic tees are great for this!




When it’s time to switch back to my fall/winter wardrobe, I simply pull out the plastic bin from under my bed (picture below) and place those items in the closet. Anything from my spring/summer collection that will not work goes in the bin.


Featured below is my fall/winter capsule. It’s mostly sweaters and scarves, so it’s a very simple transition! Just be intentional about keeping items at whatever amount of pieces you decide on.


Handbags are great! In fact, as a mom, they can be lifesaving! I honestly can’t stand diaper bags, and unless we are dropping the baby off to the church nursery, diapers and wipes get thrown inside whatever I’m carrying.

Currently, I’m using these two bags. One is an adorable Betsey Johnson handbag. The other is a $7 bag from the dollar section at Target! Whatever works, right!?


***I’m a huge fan of quality items. So yes, some of the places I shop from might be a bit more expensive, but the items last longer and can be worn throughout most seasons! Be wise about how you shop. Shopping cheap can cost you more money.

Coming next:

Using the wardrobe capsule concept for children! My 16 month old’s closet is cuter than mine!